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Trespass Music provides proven expertise in facilitating performing songwriters seeking to take the next step in sharing their work. Trespass Music is committed to and proudly partners with motivated musicians, that we are passionate about and that is evident and reflected in all aspects of our agency.

Long time associates Michelle Fortier and Larry Ahearn have partnered to continue the legacy of Trespass Music, originally founded by Tracey Delfino. We are forever grateful to Tracey for the platform she leaves us, on which our clients and roster have excelled in promotion, radio, and booking.

New Single - January 14, 2019 Release - 5pm - Latest News from Trespass Music

Ken Dunn PRECIOUS LIFE (single) released Jan 14, 2019 – from Live In L.A. (which will release Fri Feb 1, 2019)
Precious Life - RELEASE DATE - MON JAN 14, 2019
Genre: Folk, Acoustic, Canadiana
Ken Dunn is a modern day travelling troubadour, giving social and environmental issues a voice in song, while reminding us to keep our loved ones and peace at the forefront of this precious life. Tell the ones that you love, that you love them, NOW! 
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Debut & Rotation October, 2018

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