Carla Ulbrich Releases New Album "Twang" March 1, 2022 

Trespass Music is pleased to release Carla Ulbrich’s new album, “Twang” to worldwide radio on March 1, 2022. 


Releasing March 1, 2022 

Twang,” an 8-song country EP from Carla Ulbrich, is a fun mix of hot picking, smart songwriting and dry wit, with tongue-in-cheek toe-tappers like “Is It Hot Enough For Ya?” and “Stop Tryin’ to Bring on the Apocalypse.” This album features some of the hottest players in the biz: 15-time IBMA Dobro Player of the Year Rob Ickes, 4-time Grammy winner Andy Leftwich on fiddle, Erik Halbig on electric guitar, Bob Harris (producer/engineer, bass and lap steel), and Bob Malone on piano.

1 - Is it hot enough for ya 3:49 - © 2022 Carla Ulbrich BMI ISRC: US-KMZ-21-0001 - Uptempo, very country humorous party tune about the summer heat and how everyone who says “Is it hot enough for ya?” seems to think they’re the first person to think of the joke.

2 - Interviewing Therapists 2:19 © 2022 Carla Ulbrich BMI ISRC: US-KMZ-21-0002. -  Uptempo pop-ish humorous song that imagines what it would be like if we were to screen potential therapist the same way we get screened for jobs.

3 - 20 rats 2:38. -  © 2022 Carla Ulbrich BMI  ISRC: US-KMZ-21-0003  -   Mid-tempo serious song in a minor key, addressing addiction and the findings of scientists who study addiction in rats.

4 - Stop Tryin’ to Bring on the Apocalypse 3:03  -  © 2022 Carla Ulbrich BMI  ISRC: US-KMZ-21-0004 -  Uptempo song with loads of attitude, this number speaks to those who want to bring on the end of the world as quickly as possible.  **FCC WARNING

5 - She’s an extra 1:42 © 2022 Carla Ulbrich BMI  ISRC: US-KMZ-21-0005. -  Mid-tempo song recalling the Old West, this song recounts the adventures of a gal working as an “extra” in the TV and film biz.

6 - The Recovery Waltz 3:18 - © 2022 Carla Ulbrich BMI ISRC: US-KMZ-21-0006. -  Yes, a waltz, complete with beautiful fiddle parts and a humorous take on the struggles of getting and staying sober.

7 - From the Bible 2:50. -  lyrics © 2022 Carla Ulbrich BMI music © Hank Williams ISRC: US-KMZ-21-0007. -  a parody of the old Hank Williams favorite “Jambalaya,” these lyrics challenge those who take certain phrases out of context from the Bible.  **FCC WARNING

8 - (Have You Tried) Not Being a Dick 2:56 -  © 2022 Carla Ulbrich BMI  ISRC: US-KMZ-21-0008 - Uptempo honky-tonk, in-your-face song written to someone who clearly needs a good whooping **FCC WARNING

Carla Ulbrich
- lead vocals, acoustic guitar 
Dobro: Rob Ickes (1-6, 8) 
Fiddle: Andy Leftwich (1, 3-8) 
Piano, organ: Bob Malone (1, 2, 6, 8) 
Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo: Erik Halbig (1, 2, 5) 
Drums, Bass: Steve Goodie 
Lap steel Guitar, Bass, Mandolin: Bob Harris (1, 3, 5, 7) 
Background vocals: Lou Holtzman (track 1); Carla Ulbrich, Steve Goodie (8) 
Voice of Dr. Alexander (3): Jim Aycock 

All songs © 2022 Carla Ulbrich BMI ℗ Romantic Devil Publishing except “From The Bible” (lyrics, Carla Ulbrich; music © Hank Williams 
Produced by Bob Harris 
Cover art - Jake Thomas
Photos: Joe Giacoio 

All songs recorded, mixed & mastered by Bob Harris at Ampersand Records, Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA 
Additional Engineering (recording): Lou Holtzman (Eastside Sound, NYC), Steve Goodie (Nashville) 
Thanks to Michelle Fortier and Larry Ahearn at Trespass Music for sharing our music. 
Lots more music available from Carla at:


Carla Ulbrich (Ohl-Brick) is a comical singer-songwriter and guitarist whose songs cover topics such as Waffle House, Klingons, psycho exes, how rich she would be if she had a copyright on the F Word...  
She is a displaced Southerner living in New Jersey. The humorous singer-songwriter’s indie CDs have been featured on the BBC, Dr.Demento, Sirius XM Comedy Radio, Pandora, NPR’s Morning Edition

Performing since the late 90s in venues from Alaska to England, Carla has appeared as a musical guest on the TV shows "The Revolution" and "Up All Night with Rhonda” and was an extra in the movie “Sharknado 2.”  
She has played in venues ranging from the Kerrville Folk Festival to the Bluebird Cafe and has appeared as a musical guest on the TV shows "The Revolution" (ABC), "Homegrown Music" (WVIA TV), "Up All Night with Rhonda" (USA Network) and "The Other Side" (WGN).  
Carla is a past winner of the South Florida Folk Festival Songwriter Competition, the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Showcase, The Logan Awards (for excellence in comedy music), and The Just Plain Folk Awards (Best Novelty/ Comedy Album).  

Her 10th CD, "Twang," is coming out on March 1, 2022, and features a bevy of talented country and folk musicians backing up her dry wit.


"I LOVE Carla's songwriting- smart, funny, and insightful.” Christine Lavin

CARLA ULBRICH/Twang:  "Christine Lavin rightfully gives Ulbrich high marks.  While she might have rolled from down South to Jersey, this apple didn’t fall far from the (Lavin) tree.  Like Lavin, this palette clearer can make you smile and cry but always provides a bumper against having to deal with the real world for a few minutes.  Way more eclectic than an ep should have room for, there’s a lot going on here and it’s all good.  She’d been around long enough that you should finally know about her if you don’t already."  
Chris Spectre - Midwest Record

"With her tongue in cheek lyricism and her unexplored yet intriguing themes, New Jersey’s own “professional smart aleck” Carla Ulbrich is on her way to becoming the Weird Al Yankovic of country music...Ulbrich will unleash her newest and spiciest album yet, Twang. With its toe tapping country instrumentals and Ulbrich’s sarcasm and satire, as a whole, Carla Ulbrich’s new LP Twang is sure to make audiences laugh, dance, and learn how not to take life too seriously." Music Mecca - Full Review HERE

"The wonderful thing about Carla's songs is that many of them portray truth about relationships, living, eating, etc. Fantastic!" - Jon Stein, Hootenanny Cafe, WTBQ 

 "I love playing Carla’s music on my radio show, as well as for my own enjoyment, because she makes me realize that a little laughter goes a long way to curing the malaise that can be instilled in each of us in these difficult times. Her gift for finding humor has helped her recover and deal with {serious} health issues, and she is living proof that laughter IS the best medicine. Her new CD should be kept in close proximity and given a spin whenever you find yourself in need of a smile!" Ron Olesko, WFDU, SingOut! 

 "Enter the delightfully twisted musical mind of Carla Ulbrich through her new cd, Totally Average Woman.  Ha!  I detect nothing average about Carla’s high IQ songs.  Her sharp, well-tuned humor inspires a melody of chuckles, guffaws, oh’s, ah’s, aha’s, or oh no’s, and you might hold your belly-laugh until your stomach becomes flat.  The cd is composed of mini story songs.  The listener is actually in attendance of audio musical theater that artfully brings to life the poignant thoughts of the narrator and the lives of unique, yet common, characters.
Mara Noelle, KVMR-FM

"Yes, Carla's new album (The LOUD Album) is loud - laugh-out-loud funny, that is!" Dr Demento 

"Longtime Carla Ulbrich fans — and I’m one of ‘em — may wonder if she’ll ever lose her comedic edge. Maybe someday. But her new “LOUD Album” proves that’s not anytime soon."
Dave Aton, WRFG 

"Carla Ulbrich has a song in her heart, a sexy smirk on her face, and a shower curtain stuck between her buttcheeks. What more could you want from a gal with a guitar? Will Phoenix, 

"Ulbrich's humor is erudite and charming, similar to a PBS special or an NPR acoustic concert."                               Chuck Miller, Goldmine Magazine 

 "For the most part, as a satirist, Carla chooses to vocalize as someone resembling ... somebody's sharp-tongued Aunt Willa Mae who bakes biscuits to die for, but can spot B.S. in a heartbeat and shred it with a verbal shotgun... Our new social reality presents some real difficulties for singer/songwriters, but we'll need humor more than ever and Carla Ulbrich will be here to provide it.Richard Cucarro, Acoustic Live!