Rick Drost's Album " Turning The World" Earns Rave Review from No Depression  

Rick Drost's new album "Turning The World" has earned a rave review from No Depression contributor John Apice!!

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Please CLICK HERE for the full review - some snippets of this excellent review are below. 

"Veteran Finger-Picking/Singer-Songwriter with Traditional Edge Connects with Originals" 

"Like some earlier artists who are a little too traditional in folk for me or Liberal, I often come across artists who transcend the roots’-old styles and connections to the hard line and find someone who is just genuinely a good singer-songwriter and musician who cares about what he sings."

"Drost is an engrossing storyteller – much in the same mold as Tom Rush, Tom Paxton, and John Sebastian."

"The album is nearly 53 minutes long and it’s all the work of a skilled committed musician."

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Rick Drost's new album "Turning The World," his debut solo album, has the caught the attention of djs and reviewers, and charted #57 on Folk DJ-L charts in June and continues to receive airplay. 



Turning The World, Rick Drost’s debut solo album, represents a lifetime of Rick’s songwriting and storytelling. The songs deal with jilted lovers, an iconic swan couple, leftover lobsters, home & family and hope. They show a lifelong love of poetry, natural beauty and music. 

The CD is produced by Jon Shain and engineered by FJ Ventre, who add guitar and bass to Rick’s fingerpicking guitar and vocals on most tracks. Guest musicians include Kaitlin Grady (cello), Ed Butler (percussion), award winning pianist and composer Doug Hammer (piano), Chris Frank (accordion, Soprano Sax) and Bill Newton on harmonica. 

Rick Drost, a Singer/Songwriter from Cambridge, MA, has been writing songs since the late '60s with depth and heart: songs that repay repeated listening and convey a long love of classical music, natural wonders, poetry. 

Rick has sung in small and large choruses and small acoustic folk groups, but since the early 2000s has been singing solo at open mikes, small clubs and coffeehouses, galleries and listening rooms in New England, the Midwest and the Southeast. 

Since retiring in 2015 from a career as a software engineer, Rick is happily expanding the time he can spend listening, reading, writing, and traveling around singing in small venues and festivals. 

On Rick's song, "Turning the World": 
"I loved learning this song. I want the song to teach me what it knows. I want to see the world through the eyes of this song. Like a skilled tracker looks carefully and walks slowly, and finds out more by combining the little clues, I want to let myself dream about where this song is coming from and where it is going. I want to know what it had for breakfast….. "-- David Wilcox 

"Those of us who write songs count ourselves lucky when we can craft one like one of Rick’s. Each song paints a picture of another little world for the listener to play in for a few minutes."  Vance Gilbert 

"[a] magical singer/songwriter" - Kaylyn Marie 

"a songwriter's/songwriter" - Chicago Mike Beck 

 All words and music Rick Drost (C)2017 
Recorded at Good Luck Studios, Chapel Hill, NC 
Additional recording by Doug Hammer, Dreamworld Studio, Lynn, MA. Mastered by Jeff Carroll, Bluefield Mastering Raleigh, NC 
Rick Drost Musicians 
Rick Drost Vocals & Guitar - all tracks 
FJ Ventre - Basses - All tracks; back vox 5,8 Keyboards 12 
Jon Shain Guitars 6, 11, 12; Banjo 8; Back vox 5,8 
Doug Hammer piano 3,6,7,10.11 
Kaitlin Gray cello 2, 4, 12 
Ed Butler percussion 1, 5, 8, 11 
Bill Newton harmonica 5; soprano sax 8 
Chris Frank accordion 3, 9


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