Randall Kromm Releases New CD "Sentimental Season" October 1 

Trespass Music is pleased to release to radio worldwide Randall Kromm's new CD "Sentimental Season" October 1, 2018

A collection of memorable and moving acoustic songs reflecting on the time from Halloween to New Year’s Eve, and the family gatherings and memories of holidays past that make this truly a sentimental season. 

In Sentimental Season, Randall Kromm explores the emotions and memories stirred by the fall/winter holidays—Halloween, Veteran’s Day, ThanksgivingNative American Heritage MonthChristmas, and New Year’s Eve. The CD’s twelve songs encompass a variety of musical styles and feature Randall on guitar, vocals, and bass; his daughters Emma and Grace on vocals; and supporting musicians Eric Kilburn (mandolin and dobro), Joe Barbato (piano and accordion), and Peter Tillotson (upright bass).

Co-produced, recorded, and mixed by Eric Kilburn, Wellspring Sound 
Mastered by Toby Mountain, Northeastern Digital 

Joe Barbato piano (1, 6, 7, 12); accordion (1, 7, 12) 
Eric Kilburn mandolin (2, 3, 5, 9, 11); harmonica (3); harmonies (2) 
Emma Kromm lead vocal (8); harmonies (1, 4, 6, 10) 
Grace Kromm harmonies (1, 4, 6, 8-10) 
Randall Kromm vocals; guitars; electric bass 
Peter Tillotson upright bass (2, 7) 
Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki  violin (2, 4, 8, 10) 

Language warning # 2 Train of Zombies "hell"
Song descriptions please see one sheet or further below.



Randall Kromm WEBSITE CLICK HERE www.randallkromm.com


Randall Kromm will premiere songs from "Sentimental Season" and talk with Folk DJ Jon Stein on the Hootenanny Cafe on Sunday, September 30, from 9:00 pm to 10:30 on WTBQ 93.5 FM & 1110 AM in New York. The podcast will also be available on Jon Stein's website CLICK HERE 

Randall Kromm "Sentimental Season" CD Release Concert at New England's premier folk venue Club Passim! Saturday, October 13 - Doors 1pm Concert 2pm - Tickets $15 or Members $13 are available NOW Click HERE - and Randall usually sells out at Club Passim so get them early! 

More about Randall Kromm

A lifelong musician with a background in musical theater, early music, and the 1980s Boston indie pop scene, Randall Kromm reinvented himself as a folksinger in 2009 and soon realized he'd found his musical home.  Playing at coffeehouses, open mikes, and clubs in the greater Boston area, Randall quickly distinguished himself as a songwriter and performer.  In the years since, he has performed sold-out shows at Club Passim, New England's premier folk venue, released four CDs, Water Wheel (2011), Holidays and Homecomings (2011), Time Won’t Let Us Stay (2014), and Rough and Polished Stones (2017), and received a multitude of accolades from the music community, including Christine Lavin and Don White

His most recent prior CD, Rough and Polished Stones, was chosen by Folk DJ Rich Warren of the Midnight Special radio program as “Rich’s pick” for the month of October 2017 and in 2018 received a glowing review in the premier roots music publication No Depression.  In the review, writer John Apice lauds Randall’s effective songwriting across a variety of genres, comparing it to the work of Hank Williams and Towns Van Zandt, and noting: “Randall is covering a genre that Tom Waits isn’t, that Leonard Cohen touched upon but never developed, that Buddy Miller and John Prine do but always seem to pour a little vinegar in.  Kromm pours no whiskey into his tunes. They are just wholeheartedly the truth – the naked truth.”  

A prolific songwriter, Randall frequently returns to the studio, often joined by his two oldest daughters, Emma and Grace, talented singers in their own right who have a natural gift for harmony.  Randall also performs regularly at folk venues in and around Boston.  

What people are saying 

Christine Lavin, a nationally touring folksinger, has hailed Randall's song "Water Wheel" as a "modern classic" and "a new folk standard."  New England performing legend Don White covered the song "Water Wheel" on his 2010 release Winning Streak.  White, who has recorded 11 CDs, had never covered another artist's music, but says the song "spoke to me deeply and immediately.  My hope is that now lots of people will make the effort to discover the work of this very talented man.

Dan Cloutier, host of the Amazing Things Arts Center open mike and founder of Birch Beer Records, concurs: "Simply put, Randall Kromm is a masterful songwriter. He has the rare ability to look into the life of the common American and see the joys and pains we all have.

Veteran folk performer Tom Smith agrees, saying "Randall’s songs of common life, love, family, hopes, and uncertainty are presented like a conversation with a friend over a dinner table. Intelligent yet fun, relaxed yet musically interesting, introspective yet universal – I find my thoughts returning to his music long after each performance."



1. It’s Halloween (and It’s Beautiful Out) (3:35) – A reminiscence on the fleeting time “when you were young and could become anything” at Halloween--and on being a parent watching your children grow out of that time. 

2. Train of Zombies (3:37) – Another Halloween-themed tune, Train of Zombies is a rollicking bluegrass number that also offers a wry critique on our personal media-obsessed culture. 

3. The Most Important Thing (4:44) – A moving song for Veterans Day that contrasts the “gentle worries” that affect most of us with the greater sacrifices made by those who serve our country in uniform. Eric Kilburn plays harmonica and mandolin. 

4. Coming From Everywhere, Home (3:49) – A tuneful folk-pop song on the joys and challenges of gathering at Thanksgiving, with a soaring violin solo by Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki and lovely harmonies by Emma and Grace

5. Thankful (2:36) – A lighter number, Thankful calls attention to the “little things” the singer is grateful for at Thanksgiving, from khaki pants and electric shavers to q-tips and toaster tongs. 

6. Building Together (4:06) – An elegant anthem inspired by the Oglala Lakota Re-member project at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation offered in recognition of Native American Heritage Month. Joe Barbato’s piano and Emma and Grace’s harmonies are featured. 

7. Sentimental Season (2.39) – A gorgeous, gently swinging old-style Christmas song of the kind that Perry Como could have sung, featuring Joe Barbato on piano and Peter Tillotson on upright bass. 

8. Wouldn’t I Have Known (4:25)Emma and Randall trade lead vocals in this contemplative Christmas folk song that asks whether we live the values of care for the weak and displaced that lie at the heart of the nativity story. 

9. At Least Now There’s Snow (3:55) – A sweet duet between Randall and Grace about the way a little snow in winter can bring joy even when one isn’t feeling in the holiday spirit. 

10. When I See the Lights Again (4:24) – A country ballad with beautiful harmonies about a parent’s joy each year at Christmas that his family will be together again. 

11. Cleveland (4:43) – A song with an acoustic Springsteen vibe, this song tells the story of a couple’s trip halfway across the country to fulfill a promise for a family Christmas

12. Happy New Year, Beautiful (3:49) – A romantic piano-based song about seeing one’s love anew on New Year’s Eve.

All songs by Randall Kromm  
© 2018 except 4 and 8, © 2011 and 12, © 2017  
Design by Grace Kromm, Matthew Kromm, Randall Kromm.  
Drawings by Grace Kromm  
Photographs by Pam Kromm 



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