Loretta Hagen Earns Stellar Review of Lucky Stars from The Netherlands

Loretta Hagen continues to shine with her new album "Lucky Stars," landing another stellar review, this time from The Next Gig by Richard Wagenaar of The Netherlands. Loretta debuted on Folk DJ charts in June at #23 and #44 for Juiy. 

"Loretta Hagen offers a collection of beautifully deep roots music on her new album "Lucky Stars." Gracefully, the music of this American meanders through the landscape of her life. Personal experiences are processed into healing and hopeful songs. They are exquisite songs. 

Hagen's warm voice creates a lovely counterbalance to the sometimes deep and dark lyrics. There are songs about death and the missing of loved ones and grief, but also songs filled with hope for better days to come. 

This album comes four years after her previous album "Mud and Stone." There is good range in the tempos on the album. "Lucky Stars" opens strong with the ballad 'Where Are The Rainbows' and another ballad number is 'You'll Be Safe Here.' The tempo warms with 'Welcome Spring' and 'Now That I'm Able' picking up the pace. On the album is fine guitar playing by husband Gary Hagen and it should be highlighted as he compliments Loretta's voice and supports throughout. Loretta and Gary sign on the production of this fine album. 

Lovely is the personal title track 'Lucky Stars.' Superb is the touching 'I Will Send My Love' and 'Break.' 

Throughout the album, this attractive singer songwriter works through the setbacks and feelings in her life, yet finds hope throughout, that better times are ahead. Loretta has acted on these lows in life and transformed them into strong song material. Throughout the album and in all of the songs, it is also nice to hear, there is a well crafted balance of high quality production as proved also in the songs 'Ladders' and 'You Were Brave.' Lovely roots album indeed.

Richard Wagenaar - The Next Gig - The Netherlands 





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