David Graff "Supposed To Fly" Lands Spot in Top 70 Folk DJ Charts 

Canadian singer-songwriter David Graff, a Genie nominee, has returned to the music scene for the first time since the 90s with his new album "Supposed To Fly" and has landed a Top 70 spot on the Folk DJ Charts coming in at #69. Trespass Music is pleased to service DJs and reviewers with this album. Contact michelle@trespassmusic.org or larrya@trespassmusic.org for your copy.

Trespass Music will attend the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance and David's album will be available at our EXHIBIT HALL table. 

Just days before, Graff secured a rave review from roots music authority NO DEPRESSIONcontributor John Apice who said: "Supposed To Fly....pure jukebox fodder and handclapping addiction." Read the full review HERE 

David Graff is a Canadian singer/songwriter who began his professional music career as a drummer, recording and touring with numerous Vancouver bands at an early age. His desire to take control of his musical fortunes led him to songwriting, and he spent the next stage of his career writing and recording in Vancouver and Los Angeles. He recorded an album in 1987 with Grammy-winning producer Greg Ladanyi. He placed a number of songs in film and television and received a Genie Nomination in 1992 for best song in a Canadian movie. His last recording was an EP in 1998 entitled “Some Of What I Know.”

A new chapter has begun for David Graff with “Supposed To Fly.” 

"David Graff's new album "Supposed To Fly" is a strong collection of songs co-produced with his daughter Julia Graff and James Perrella that really deserve loads of airplay. With a voice that feels like a blend of Tom Petty, Don Henley and Joe Walsh, and some fabulous musicianship from a strong group of side players including Steve Dawson, Kirby Barber, David Barber and John Ellis, this radio friendly release has some finely crafted songs that run the gamut from reflections on life, to cautionary tales about relationships and favourite trucks. "This is an album that *really* deserves to be listened to. I can't say that enough times.Jan Hall - Folk Roots Radio with Jan Hall  - Listen to the interview HERE 

"DAVID GRAFF/Supposed to Fly:  An old school country cat that gave it a good spin before dropping out for an extended period now comes back as a killer freek folkie that takes Americana to it’s strangest corners (as opposed to it’s darkest ones).  You can just hear this being right at home in a dive bar full of hipsters.Chris Spector  - Midwest Record 

"David Graff "Supposed To Fly" is a very pleasant, enjoyable, melodic Americana release taking the listener through from folk to soft rock through country tunes. David Graff sounds just right on all of these catchy melodies.Michel Penard - Radio ISA - French Bonjour and Americana Music - France




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