Bruce T. Carroll's New EP "Finding You" Earns Rave Review from No Depression 


Trespass Music is pleased to share this rave review of Bruce T. Carroll's new EP by No Depression contributor John Apice. 

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 "Six songs grace Bruce T. Carroll’s fine intense commentary on America’s past. “Fox in the Henhouse,” is old-world folk-rock but Bruce’s performance is nonetheless fresh and engaging as Carroll, accompanied by a tight unit with Adrien Reju [vocals] accentuating the backup. Andy Stack plays guitars and winds around the melody with precision. Banjo (David Bernz) and the guitars have a beautiful contrast between each. And the song has a nice fiery conclusion – and will probably be even hotter live.

The EP is called “Finding You,” and it’s a beautiful sepia package 4-panel with a lyric insert. “Just Like Finding You,” is the second tune. Slow, tempered and a little dark. Bruce’s vocal is seasoned – much the same as Buddy Miller, John Mellencamp, and Jon Dee Graham. Sara Milonovich’s mournful violin actually brightens the tale and the Ry Cooder-type guitar style is sweet. Cool contrast. Andy Stack’s distinctive electric guitar and Lee Falco’s drums are perfect with this chain gang beat. 

I Will Never Leave,” continues in a sincere musical tradition. Bruce weaves another intense tune with lyrics that need to be read and memorized. Many can relate to his short stories and how his music perfectly captures the melancholy, the courageous, and the defeated that rise above it all. A strong subject, memorable melody and of course, good performances and this track -- true to the troubadour beauty of a David Blue (S. David Cohen), Eric Andersen or Eric Von Schmidt. 

This 26-minute EP continues with “If That’s The Way You Feel,” and possesses a pleasant European accordion feel (Jeremy Baum). Bruce maintains his similar style to Buddy Miller but, the quality is of a different stripe. The originality is slightly more Euro-folk and maybe because there is a pinch of John Prine by way of Serge Gainsbourg and Adam Mitchell (“The French Waltz”)in this – quite polished and genuine. 

Track 5 “Who Never Felt The Need,” is more of the same. Euro-feel, gentle and melodic, and what makes Carroll special is his subject matter and how he recounts falling in love with someone else’s wife. But instead of something nefarious, crude or uncouth – Bruce lets his lyric unfold in a respectful manner. Adultery of the heart – realized quietly, safely and yet, frustratingly. But Bruce lets his conscience sing and with that, effectively especially with his brilliant musical accompaniment. So, how many of us can relate to this? Tell the truth. 

Closing the EP out is an equally compelling tune in “If You’re Still There” -- a lovely song about being apart from the family due to drug addiction. Not a very romantic subject but this is what sets apart a pop singer from a true artist. It's about being away from the ones you love because you made the wrong choices. This is Bruce’s genre – a little more vinegar mixed in the salad but every now and then there’s sweetness. It’s how you come back. Pensive piano by Bruce and excellent backup singers and this is potent material – and not often the area of novices. Bruce is really putting himself out there – he’s sharing what is real to him – it’s what makes some singer-songwriters sort of heroes. Tragic, tarnished, imperfect – narrative heroes. EP is worth just having for this song alone. The EP was produced by Andy Stack with Bruce T. Carroll and it was recorded in Beacon, NY. "
John Apice - No Depression contributor. Check out full review by clicking HERE 


Bruce T. Carroll’s new EP, “Finding You,” is the perfect follow-up to his first official album release “Ruckus and Romance,” hailed by No Depression Magazine as “devilishly brilliant” and “intensely beautiful.” 

Bruce is joined here by another outstanding group of musicians and vocalists including Adrien Reju (Vocals), producer Andy Stack (Guitar, Bass & Keyboards), David Bernz (Banjo), Sara Milonovich (Violin) &  Jeremy Baum (Organ & Accordion), Brandon Morrison (Bass), Lee Falco (Drums). 

Bruce T. Carroll's songwriting style relies heavily on irony and imagery as tools in the trade.  While promoting the CD (Ruckus and Romance) over this past year, Bruce has shared the stage with the likes of Slaid Cleaves, Jimmy LaFave, Dan Bern, Ellis Paul, and Rita Coolidge

“Finding you,” a six-song EP, is a sort of lyrical tone poem, with the theme of finding or regaining, something that might be missing or lost. The opening song “Fox In The Henhouse” may, or may not be, his definitive statement on the state of the union.

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