Bruce T. Carroll's New EP "Finding You" Earns Rave Review from Lonestar Time - Italy 

Trespass Music is pleased to share this excellent review of Bruce T. Carroll's new ep "Finding You" by Remo Ricaldone - Lonestar Time in Italy.

"Bruce T. Carroll's second offering "Finding You," is the sequel to last years excellent release of deep and thoughtful songs, "Ruckus and Romance". It ensures Carroll will continue to garner even more new fans, as he has through a series of live shows that gave him the opportunity to share the stage with Dan Bern, Ellis Paul, Slaid Cleaves and the late Jimmy LaFave.  

Although the EP has only six songs and is just over 25 minutes in length, we again find deep emotions, passion, and musical prowess infusing his ability to address universal and social issues with poetic song lyrics. The "Finding You" ep theme is of rediscovery and conquering feelings of loss in different situations. Carroll's lyrical manner is extremely direct and stimulating, reflecting the decisive and heartfelt gifts of the great musicians of our time.  

"Fox In The Henhouse" the lead track, is a deep look at the greatness of what America once was and a hard line statement of how it is today. The rest of the tracks combine autobiographical elements and themes, and are poignantly delivered, as in the final track "If You're Still There", a reflection of love in the darkest and most painful moments. All of the songs are told with Bruce T. Carroll's beautiful and delicately abrasive voice and he carries the melodies well, caressing our hearts and souls with wisdom and finesse. "Just Like Finding You", "I Will Never Leave", "If That's The Way You Feel", "Who Never Felt The Need", and the others mentioned above are songs that will give the listener thoughtful reflection and intense moments of pleasure. Welcome back Bruce...

Remo Ricaldone - Lonestar Time - Italy 

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More About Bruce

Bruce T. Carroll’s new EP, “Finding You,” is the perfect follow-up to his first official album release “Ruckus and Romance,” hailed by No Depression Magazine as “devilishly brilliant” and “intensely beautiful.” 

Bruce is joined here by another outstanding group of musicians and vocalists including Adrien Reju (Vocals), producer Andy Stack (Guitar, Bass & Keyboards), David Bernz (Banjo), Sara Milonovich (Violin) & Jeremy Baum (Organ & Accordion), Brandon Morrison (Bass), Lee Falco (Drums). 

Bruce T. Carroll's songwriting style relies heavily on irony and imagery as tools in the trade.  While promoting the CD (Ruckus and Romance) over this past year, Bruce has shared the stage with the likes of Slaid Cleaves, Jimmy LaFave, Dan Bern, Ellis Paul, and Rita Coolidge

Finding You,” a six-song EP, is a sort of lyrical tone poem, with the theme of finding or regaining, something that might be missing or lost. The opening song “Fox In The Henhouse” may, or may not be, his definitive statement on the state of the union. 



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