Bruce T. Carroll's new album "Ruckus And Romance" Review from Rootstime - Belgium  

Trespass Music is pleased to share more reviews coming in for Bruce T. Carroll's new album "Ruckus And Romance" and this time from Freddy Celis of Rootstime in Belgium! 

"Bruce T. Carroll, the singer-songwriter of the album "Ruckus And Romance" owned a venue "Watercolor Cafe" in the village of Larchmont, which belongs to the city of Mamaroneck, located about 30 km from Manhattan, New York, the area named by 'CNN' and 'Money Magazine' as the eleventh best place to live in America. 

We dare not really say that this lent to the quality penmanship of the songs that Bruce T. Carroll wrote for his first official full length album, but it is beyond question that the things that have happened in his life can be found in the lyrics throughout. The lyrics are about the pleasure and sometimes less enjoyable things in one's love life, like in the "break-up" song "Shakedown," or "(Christmas) Without You." 

“Angel Angel" is about the transience of life. "Hurt You Instead," has a lovely duet with singer Nicole Alifante, and looks back on a dark period in his life. 

But it might as well be about a nostalgic review in "A Dream Is A Dream" or about his reflections when he spotted "The House On The Hill," a song written about his own home, lost after the stock market crash of 2008 and a song with very clever instrumental work on violin by Sierra Noble and on accordion by Jon Cobert. 

In total, Bruce T. Carroll brings us eight well thought out and arranged songs on "Ruckus And Romance", including the beautiful opening track "When Two Worlds Collide" which is shown on video in an acoustic live performance in our review. Click here for video 

We also want to bring your attention to the special cover art on this album. The man with the guitar in the crowded café is Bruce T. Carroll, but all the other people present are photoshopped into the print. They are all kinds of deceased writers, thinkers, and celebrities who impacted the creative and intellectual life of Mr. Carroll, such as John Keats, Lord Byron, Ingrid Bergman, Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner, Sigmund Freud, Charles Bukowski, Ernest Hemingway, William Shakespeare, Karl Marx and Grace Kelly. 

A very nice find with the cover and a well crafted first album from a deserving folk singer."

Freddy Celis - Rootstime - Belgium 


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MORE about Bruce T. Carroll 

After years spent “lost in the wilderness” of music and commerce (i.e. building and running a music venue in Larchmont, NY), Bruce T. Carroll has returned to his roots and his first and abiding love: lyric songwriting. With the release of his first album Ruckus and Romance, Bruce has forged a new career as a singer-songwriter using irony and imagery as tools in trade.... 
John Platt, the dean of Americana, folk, and roots music at WFUV radio, and the host of the long-running “Sunday Supper” show on which Bruce has been featured, has called Ruckus and Romance a “very accomplished album, attuned to the zeitgeist of the moment”

This album was a long time in the making and involved the efforts of a great many musician friends. From the extraordinary musicianship of Clifford Carter, David Spinozza, Marc Shulman, Sara Milonovich, Tracy Grammer, Lincoln Schleiffer, Joe Bonadio, and Nicole Alifante, to the aid and counsel of co-producer Al Hemberger, this collection of eight songs touches all the stylistic bases and, I hope, reaches many people on many levels...Thanks for listening!” 
Bruce T. Carroll 


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