Michelle Fortier and Larry Ahearn have partnered to continue the legacy of Trespass Music which was founded by Tracey Delfino. We are forever grateful to Tracey and the platform she founded on which our clients and roster have excelled in promotion, radio and booking. We wish Tracey well in all of her endeavors going forward in her life!

Michelle is based in Ontario, Canada and Larry is based in Pennsylvania, USA, giving our clients an edge with vast contacts in both countries.Trespass Music is passionate about the musicians we partner with and that is evident in every aspect of our agency. Our services include radio promotion, career strategy, artist management, media and publicity. We are not a booking agency.

Larry Ahearn – Artist Relations & Radio Promotion

Larry Ahearn attended Villanova University and began working nearby venue Main Point in Bryn Mawr, PA. for 11 years as an integral part of Main Point operations; booking, promoting and producing many of the legendary shows that took place at the Main Point in its “golden years.” During that time he also began to write and perform his own music as a solo artist, and later, formed the Larry Ahearn Group, sharing the bill with artists like Tom Rush, Jimmy Buffett, Livingston Taylor, Janis Ian, Blood,Sweat & Tears, Pearls Before Swine and John Prine. Following several years of booking, promoting and producing music, sports and theater, most notably as a team member with the worldwide Concerts For Human Rights tour with Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Youssou N’Dour and Tracy Chapman, Larry found himself in China in 2004/5 with the Harlem Globetrotters. Larry returned to the U.S.A, resuming his first love: writing and performing songs in an intimate atmosphere and has come Full Circle. Currently, Larry is the Director of Artist Operations at Trespass Music, booking and promoting the Trespass roster, introducing our clients to the music scene, handling tour schedules and managing master songwriter Craig Bickhardt.

michelleMichelle Fortier – Radio Promotion & Marketing & Publicity

Michelle’s varied background in the music industry includes many years of management, booking, artist promotions and publicity with her company prior to joining the Trespass Music team. Michelle Fortier Publicity is located in Kingsville, Ontario and specializes in media, marketing and promotion.
Michelle manages, books, and handles publicity for NJ award winning singer-songwriter Loretta Hagen, and handles/handled publicity for various clients including Danielle Miraglia, Sloan Wainwright, Jon Vezner, and Linda McRae to name a few. She has organized local festivals, community events and fundraisers, produced, hosted and emceed musical projects, volunteered at Listen Live Music (PA), and is a former BOD of Music At The Mission (NJ). Michelle is a former founding board member (2011-2016), former Past President of the Sun Parlour Folk Music Society (Kingsville, Ontario 2015), former publicist for the Kingsville Folk Music Festival and Road to FolkFest Concerts from 2014-2016. Michelle is a proud member of Folk Music Ontario and Folk Alliance International.
Michelle will continue her role as Director of Marketing and PR as well as Radio Promotion. Michelle write the Trespass Tracker Blog, which spotlights music industry professionals, and our clients. Michelle will continue to market, promote, and publish clients events and accomplishments on the Trespass Music blog, formulate and issue press releases, gain reviews and reach the masses through social media.

The Story Behind The Name

Tracey Delfino – “I am often asked where the name ‘Trespass Music’ comes from and why a cabin for a logo?
Pictured here, you see the actual Trespass Cabin, located somewhere deep in the Alaskan frontier. It is called the Trespass Cabin because it is owned by no one, but belongs to everyone. The cabin is stocked with food and firewood and the door is always open, welcoming anyone who happens upon it. There is a journal inside, full of entries from adventurers who have found the cabin and spent time there.
The cabin has been a place of inspiration for artists, writers, musicians, and wanderers.
Many a wonderful song has been written inside its walls-thus the name ‘Trespass Music.’”

Tracey Delfino – Founder
Tracey began building Trespass Music from the ground up in 2005, focusing solely on booking for clients. Today, Trespass Music has grown into a ‘one stop boutique’ for the indie artist, offering support and expertise in all areas of a DIY musicians’ career. Tracey has been a mentor and spoken on various panels at both the South East and North East Regional Folk Alliance Conferences. (SERFA and NERFA). Tracey’s radio clients consistently debut in the top 20 on the Folk DJ charts. She continues to manage Danielle Miraglia, while nurturing the careers of others, hosts two listening room venues on Cape Cod, serves on the executive board of BACHA (Boston Area Coffeehouse Association) and the Cotuit Center for the Arts Music Committee.
We wish Tracey well in all of her endeavors going forward in her life onto new paths!

Special thanks to Olivia Underwood for her painting of The Trespass Cabin!