The music business is changing and so are we. Trespass Music is very excited to announce our brand new packages, which are up to date, cutting edge and will keep you ahead of the game! We have found a way to minimize our costs while maximizing exposure. Drawing from all branches of our agency, we now offer new options for clients to choose from. We always begin with an initial phone call (free consult) to get to know each other and assure a good fit. We invite you to look over the services below and get in touch with Michelle and Larry to discuss in further detail.

Michelle Fortier or 1-519-300-5954
Larry Ahearn or 1-610-574-6276

A Note from Michelle and Larry: We are very excited about these new plans. For a long time, we have listened to what musicians have been telling us that they are looking for; the areas in their career where they need the most support and help. Trespass Music is a rare ‘one stop boutique’ for the songwriter, (booking our roster musicians across the country, working radio promotion as well as media promotion) which enables us to conveniently offer clients exposure across the board. Taking all of this into consideration, we have formulated six new packages: three for Radio and three for Consulting. We have also just launched a ‘theme page’ campaign through Airplay Direct which is ground breaking! Details on all below.

We are currently taking on new clients for Radio Promotion and Consulting (see plans below)
We often get inquiries from people who would like to be added to our booking roster. Space on our roster is extremely limited. On the occasion that we do get a spot open, we always first look at people whom we have already formed a working relationship with, either on a consulting level or through radio promotion.

Michelle is the energizer bunny!! One of the hardest working people I know, Michelle pours her heart and soul into every project.She is caring, professional in every way, and extremely dependable. A real pleasure to work with!
Loretta Hagen -Award Winning Singer-Songwriter – Trespass Roster & Radio Client
(2013 JAM Awards “Top Female Songwriter of the Year” and nominee for “Album of the Year”, NJ Folk Festival Songwriter Competition Winner, and CT Folk Festival Finalist – “Mud and Stone” #10 on Folk DJ Charts, #1 on the Roots Music Report for NJ, #5 Top 50 Folk Albums RMR)

Michelle Fortier publicized our first release for our own label 42RPM. Michelle did a brilliant job and went far beyond a publicist’s job description. She was not only able to get coverage for the release which included numerous 5* reviews in major print outlets and features in support of our subsequent cross-Canada tour, she also sent it out to radio for us, something most publicity people don’t normally do. The recording spent one full year in the Top 30 on the Roots Music Report charts as a result of her tenacity and hard work. She is incredibly personable and is very levelheaded even in the most tense situations. We’d hire her again in a heartbeat!Linda McRae Award Winning Singer-Songwriter – Trespass Radio & Publicity Client (“Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts” – Folk-DJ #14, #1 on CKUA, and named Folk DJ Allison Brock’s Pick Of The Week. Canadian Folk DJ-L Airplay #4 in the Folk DJ’s list of Top Canadian Albums, #1 & 2 Top Canadian Songs for Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts and Be Your Own Light and #8 in Top Canadian Artists. #16 Freeform American Roots (FAR)Chart and Pick of the Week at the Vancouver Province. Canadian Folk Music Award Nominee and BC Hall of Fame inductee.)

“Tracey Delfino and all at Trespass Music – Michelle Fortier and Larry Ahearn included, have all been instrumental in the recent success of my career. From the radio promotion campaign, my music received higher visibility and chart positions that I could have never attained solely on my own. Following that up by taking the 6 week Trespass Talks teleseminar taught me methods in which I have been able to improve my website, internet presence, write more effective press releases to print and radio media, all of which has led to better shows at better venues and better results in the promotion of my shows. And while the radio campaign and teleseminar have long been over, Tracey and her Trespass team are always there to step up and assist with any questions, concerns or to simply be a liason between you the artist and any venues and media you may be dealing with. I highly recommend Tracey and Trespass Music for not only the hard work and care that they put into your career, but for the personal touch and resources they provide. Making you feel like family would be the best way to describe my relationship with Trespass.”
Davey O., Trespass Radio Client – “Testing For Rust” (Top 25 RMR, Top 20 Folk DJ Chart), 2013 Kerrville New Folk Finalist

Consulting Packages

The One Off:
One hour individual (Larry or Michelle,) or 90 minutes team call
When you are embarking on a new project, a new tour, or shift in your career, you may find yourself looking for a little extra support. The one-off consult session can help answer questions, clarify concerns and keep you on the right track to success.

The Anchor:
Intense 3 part strategy session with Michelle and or Larry
This package is an intense, custom designed, in depth program that helps equip you with the insight you need for a successful career. We work together to give you a solid foundation, a definite plan and an organized outline of what needs to be done and when. We put a system in place that is custom made and specific to each client, taking into consideration things such as personal schedules, short and long term goals, life style, and finances.The strategy session begins with an initial phone call to get to know each other. Then a series of emails which will involve the client answering questions and supplying information. After all received information has been reviewed, we begin an intense one-on-one, custom made ‘workshop’. Finally, a follow-up consult to review, analyze and answer any new questions that arise.

“From pixels to performances, Tracey’s strategy sessions draw a direct line from hopes to action, revealing potential avenues and distinct goals. It’s like sifting through the basement, clearing out all the cobwebs, and finding that rare John Lennon vinyl worth $525,000. Find out what you have been holding, clear the way, and book a session! It was invaluable to me.”
Sierra West CA based singer-songwriter

“Tracey Delfino helped me pull my head out of the creative abyss long enough to make a sustainable long term business plan that balances my family, creative and business needs. The entire Trespass Music team takes great care of it’s clients.”
Shawn Taylor CT based singer-songwriter

The Tour:
Two monthly plans to choose from

The tour packages are offered exclusively to Trespass radio and consult clients who find they would like ongoing support.
These packages run in three month cycles, with the opportunity to re-asses at the end of each cycle. Spots are limited and sometimes not available.
Package one:
*You will be listed under the ‘Client’ tab and given an EPK page on the Trespass Site.
*A monthly hour to 90 minute team call with Larry and Michelle (call can be one-on-one if you choose)
* Light email support with Michelle and or Larry
Package two:
*includes everything in package one
*Two trespass blogs per month – (show promotion, news, review, etc…)- blogs are pushed through all social media avenues and generate over-all exposure
Within both of these packages, we will also alert and direct you to any gig that we see which might suit you. *Note: we will not be doing booking, only referring and introductions and only on the occasions we are able or see fit.

Radio Promotion

Trespass Music has developed strong, professional relationships with an extensive list of DJ’s to get your music heard by radio audiences. Our markets include, Folk DJ chart, and FAR chart as well as the overlapping markets of Euro Americana Chart, Roots Music Report and the Americana Chart. We specialize in, but are not limited to, acoustic music. Each radio promotion package is individualized with your market and budget in mind. Regional, national and international as well as combination radio campaign plans are available.

Ask us about our ground breaking THEME PAGES

“The themed pages are a great idea!” Paul Kerr, DJ for Americana UK

“Thanks for your brilliance! The theme pages are a great idea. The ability to program radio in a college that takes the listener to another place or evokes emotion is the beauty of community radio.” - Mara Noelle, KVMR radio

“Hiring Trespass Music to promote my new CD to radio was an excellent decision. Tracey and her team managed to get the CD played all over the US and Europe which opened up opportunities for me to perform in several new markets. She is tireless, attentive and as dedicated to her work as anyone can possibly be. I think the world of her. You will too. ” - Don White MA based singer-songwriter

“Trespass Music did a great job with my radio campaign. I was very happy with Tracey, Larry and Michelle’s professionalism and also with the amount of airplay that resulted. I would definitely recommend them.” - Chuck Brodsky PA based singer-songwriter

Package 1 – The Opener:
Folk Radio push

An eight week campaign promoting specifically to Folk Radio. We send an initial batch of CD’s out to targeted dj’s and also offer the CD to a larger audience.
Weekly Report which will include all airplay being received as well as all comments/feedback and review of correspondence
Your CD will be featured on the home page of our site during the eight week campaign also added for sale in our website store (via your CD baby page, or other source of your choice) indefinitely.

Package 2 -The Co-Bill
Folk Radio plus

Everything in package one PLUS:
- Free set up for Airplay Direct under our label account (we will create a page specifically for your CD which you will be able to use for one full year) as well as adding you to our label page for double the exposure
-Professional online campaign promoting CD to all DJ’s in our network (our network includes over 550 dj’s- including Folk DJ’s, Triple A, FAR Chart DJ’s, RMR reporters, Americana, Euro Americana and many more)
- Social media push (Inclusion in blogs on the Trespass Page and promoting via facebook/twitter/linkedIn)

Package 3 -The Headliner – Maximum exposure
Radio + Reviews + career enhancement

Everything from packages one and two PLUS
-Outreach to reviewers: the CD will be professionally offered to all of the reviewers in our network (over 120, spanning across print media, bloggers, and e-zines across the country and around the globe)
-Online blogs specifically about you and the CD success will be created and featured on the Trespass Website and also pushed through our social media as well as yours.
-One hour career consult session with the entire Trespass Team- releasing a CD to radio is just one piece of the puzzle. Larry and Michelle can offer advice, feedback and support on all aspects of your career in an intense one hour phone call.
-Artist Spotlight article in the Trespass Tracker Blog: our monthly newsletter goes out to some 2000 industry people as well as music fans and fellow musicians. During one of the months of the campaign you will be the featured artist spotlight – (more details on this to be discussed via initial phone call)
This campaign provides maximum exposure – working all angles at once to gain momentum in all areas of your career
General Over- All Information

**All CD’s will be featured on the front page of our site during the eight week campaign. You will be listed on our client page indefinitely and your CD will be for sale in our store (sold through your CD baby page).

As a Trespass Client:

-You will be included in all conference events (when applicable): which includes at least one spot in a guerilla showcase room and use of our exhibit hall tables
-Included in all new happenings (indefinitely) such as station ID requests, sending out theme specific songs, etc
-Indefinitely listed on our Airplay Direct Label Account (packages 2 and 3) and your music will also be included on any theme specific page we have (ie: baseball, holiday, wedding, etc…) this gives you continued airplay possibilities that last long after the initial push.

**Once we begin to work together- please ‘Like’ our Trespass Music Facebook page- both from your personal profile as well as your music page. This better enables us to promote and highlight exciting things happening with the campaign


Let us do the media, so you don’t have to
Whether it is one isolated gig or a whole tour, Trespass can help promote your shows. We cover print, internet, and radio in any given area making sure that your gig gets the most exposure possible, thus helping to boost attendance. Trespass Music will write a press release and send it out to all area media, get in touch with DJ’s and submit your show to all online calendars. We prefer to begin gig promotion at least 6-8 weeks prior to the show and offer continued follow up until the day of and following the show.
**Gig promotion services MUST be booked well in advance of shows/tours – availability of these services depends on scheduling


Get the scoop
Trespass Talks is a teleseminar or workshops when available which covers various topics of the music industry such as social media, artist references, strategy and career building, staying on top, interacting with fans, building a fan base, and more. After every seminar, we provide registrants with a PDF file and audio recording of the session.
Watch our facebook page and newsletter to find out when the next seminar is.

Feedback from our teleseminars:
“Trespass Music’s Teleseminar is a high resolution road map to successful career for the independent singer/songwriter.”
“Thanks for a great tele seminar. I still feel somewhat overwhelmed, but less so after hearing from you. kind of a candle in the dark….”
“Awesome class tonight!”
“Thanks for the teleseminar! Learned some cool facts about Timeline!”
“That was super helpful. much much appreciated. I’m not as afraid of the internet now.”
“Thanks for helping me get over my technophobia”
“Thank you so much for hosting the tele conference!! I think I got some good tips from this!!! Thanks trespass team!”


Connecting the community
Trespass Tracker is a community newsletter spotlighting artists, DJs, magazines, blogs, venues, festivals and conferences. We also include Trespass Tips each month, containing valuable information that you can use in your music career, as a Production Manager, Artist Director, Writer, Musician and more. We’d love to hear from you about community benefits, wherever you are, as well as the musicians, establishments, radio shows and personalities, and magazines you’d like to see featured in the tracker.