Esther Golton Releases New Project “Stay Warm”

Trespass Music originated in Alaska, born in Talkeetna, the same small town that Esther Golton chose to build a life. Esther may be familiar to those in the independent radio world through the much embraced Whole Wheat Radio and house concert series. Trespass Music Founder Tracey Delfino says “Promoting this CD is like bringing Trespass Home!esther golton

We’re all thirsting for music that is Not Boring. Music that tugs gently on our ears and takes us on a magic carpet ride to somewhere new and deep and rich.

With her 3rd album “Stay Warm<“, Esther Golton has created music that satisfies the quest for something delightfully different and diverse. Her voice has been described as “silky smooth, precise and winsome.” Add an unusually intricate use of the mountain dulcimer, stunningly fluid flute, and melodic, colorful writing, and you begin to turn heads.

Philadelphia born, educated with a degree in flute performance, jazz and composition, Esther moved to Alaska in 1997 to live a simple life in a wilderness log cabin, then resided in the Talkeetna area for 15 years.

According to Esther, “Alaska is a place of extreme weather and fiercely independent people. And it’s beautiful. I think my songs and style have come to evoke that experience.” Esther is currently living in New Haven, Connecticut.

Stay Warm

“Stay Warm is a wonderful, evocative new album. Every song is a gem, with an amazing diversity of rhythmic feels, so many textures, imagery that won’t quit, and it all hangs together in an amazing thread!”
~ Jerry Rockwell, Mtn Dulcimer Artist & Luthier ~

“The final songs ‘Wintered In‘ and ‘Stay Warm‘ end the record perfectly, as sparse gorgeous tunes, portrayals into the surviving and coming-out of winter in Alaska. Esther delivers insightful, highly crafted and complex tunes with gentle whispery vocals that are somehow more whimsical than sultry, innocent as a sister’s late night tales by flashlight inside a tent. Really sweet, lovely and accessible.”
~ Danny Schmidt, Red House Records ~

DJ’s can Preview and Download the album by clicking here and physical copies are available by emailing Tracey at

Fans can listen to and purchase “Stay Warm” by visiting Esther’s Website HERE
Connect with Esther on Facebook here

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